Bibles for Accommodation Venues

Are you the owner/manager/operator of a hotel, motel, or other accommodation establishment?

Having a Bible available to your guests offers them a valuable service:

Motel Bible

  • It provides comfort to people experiencing stress or anguish.
  • It satisfies cultural curiosity:
    • With Australia attracting so many international tourists, it can provide them with a unique opportunity to have a look through a Bible.
    • We continuously receive feedback from people who have found seeing a bible in their hotel room of interest and value. Read some of these stories for yourself.
    • The Gideons International place thousands of Bibles annually in hotels across almost 200 countries, including countries where Christianity is not the main religion.

We make it really easy:

  • All Bibles are provided free of charge and are replaced free of charge if damaged or removed.
  • We share your interests in ensuring that the Bibles in your establishment are of a professional standard.
  • We have recently updated our Bibles in cover design, font and contemporary languages.
  • We do follow up visits to ensure that Bibles are in good condition.

You can request Bibles for all the rooms in your establishment, or request that some damaged or removed Bibles be replaced by completing the following online form: