Melbourne Scripture Blitz

 The biggest Scripture Blitz that Australia has ever seen took place in Melbourne from 1 to 8 March! Our goal was to distribute more than 100,000 Scriptures at over 4,000 distribution points during that week. 

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The Gideons now active in 200 countries

Praise the Lord! Country 199 is St. Barthelemy in the Northeastern Caribbean Sea, with a population of 9,000. Saint Martin, located in the Caribbean, is the 200th in which The Gideons International is active. 

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ISB Belgium

 Do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry” was the theme of the International Scripture Blitz in Belgium, home to 11 million citizens. 

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ISB Ghana

An international Scripture Blitz to Accra and Kumasi in Ghana took place in November 2014. An Australian Gideon had the privileged to participate.  This is his story.

Hat – check; Shoes – check; Camera – check… Yellow fever, Cholera, Malaria meds – check. Now what do you take for Ebola? Prayer – check. The Scripture Blitz in Ghana was a matter of life and death on a spiritual scale. Distributing God’s word and sharing the Good News about Jesus always is. 

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2014 Malaysia International Scripture Blitz

Despite a challenging environment, many opportunities were provided for Gideons to legally share copies of God’s word during the recent International Scripture Blitz in Malaysia. 

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