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The Gideons International now provides a Bible app specifically designed for evangelism. Our familiar topical indexes, such as “Help in Time of Need,” provide for a quick lookup of useful verses. Users can access the Word of God in a wide variety of languages, both in written and audio format. The Plan of Salvation is also available in the menu section.

In addition to being easy to use, the app is also easy to share. It includes a “Share the App” feature, which works well with text, email, social media, or other services such as AirDrop.

You can click here to download it for free today from the App Store or Google Play.

Scripture Blitz Rwanda

The internation Scripture Blitz in Kigali, Rwanda was an extraordinary blessing to all involved!

It was humbling for the international team to learn more of the history of Rwanda, including the tragic genocide that occurred in the life of this nation in 1994, during which over 1 million people were cruelly massacred while millions more fled.         

The theme verse for the blitz was Romans 15:20-21 “But as it is written, those who have never been told of him will see and those who have never heard will understand.”   Prayer was offered each morning for favour in the hearts and minds of school officials, receptiveness in the hearts of the students, and that “. . . those who have never been told of him will see and those who have never heard would understand.”  God answered in marvelous ways, bringing numerous opportunities to provide Scriptures to students who had never owned a copy.  

The overall goal of 70,000 was exceeded with a total of 75,479 Scriptures being distributed, the vast majority of which went into schools.  

"What is your objective in giving us this book?"  asked a high school student while shaking the hand of a Gideon at a school in Kigali.  The Gideon replied, "This book contains instructions on how to get to heaven.  My objective in giving it to you is to ensure I get to shake your hand in heaven one day too".  So let us be reminded the objective of The Gideons International is clear.  We seek to win men, women, boys, and girls for Christ. 

Praise God!


Two Billion Bibles distributed in 107 years

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The Gideons International has just surpassed the two billion mark in distributing Bibles and New Testaments.

The distribution of the first one billion Bibles and New Testaments by Gideon members spanned 93 years (1908 to 2001). This second billion was attained in less than 14 years (2002 to 2015).

To celebrate what God has accomplished through this ministry, The Gideons are scheduling representatives of their membership to present a Two Billionth Commemorative Bible to as many of the leaders as possible in the countries in which they are organized.

The Gideons currently distribute over 80 million Scriptures annually, and the numbers are growing, especially in places like Brazil, India, and Asia. Through the efforts of over 300,000 members in 200 countries, territories, and possessions, The Gideons share more than two Scriptures every second of every day—in over 90 languages.

More Than Just A Number

As we rejoice in this two-billionth Scripture placement, we are mindful that the real significance is what the number represents.

“It is more than just a number,” says International President Dr. William E.G. Thomas. “We are placing Bibles because they save souls. Behind every number is a face, behind every face a story, behind every story a priceless soul that could live throughout eternity.”

The impact of these Scriptures can be seen through the many testimonies we’ve shared with you on this blog. These are real stories of souls saved and lives changed as a result of someone coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus through a copy of God’s Word provided through The Gideons International. And as the Lord is faithful to His promise in Isaiah 55:11, we can be assured that each Scripture placed touches a life, and often, many lives.

We Are So Grateful

We are also deeply grateful for the pastors, churches, and individual donors who support us through their prayers and gifts.

Most of all, we thank God, to Whom we give all the glory for each and every Scripture distributed, and for every soul saved as a result. Until He comes again, we will continue to seek His will in taking His Word to all the nations.

Please share this praise for our two billionth Scripture with your pastor, friends and family.

Scripture Blitz in Tanzania

23 Gideons from around the world joined together on the international Scripture blitz (ISB) team in Tanzania earlier this year. Tanzania has almost 50 million people, of which 30 % is Christian and 30 % Muslim.

308 000 Scriptures were distributed one by one to the people of Dar Es Salaam, Moshi and Mbaye over two weeks by the  ISB team, with support of local Gideons. The large majority of distributions were in schools. Half the population is 15 and under. Many many decisions for Christ. Praise God!

Amazing answers to prayer were received in transport, safety in the face of opposition and other dangers, and issues with government officials.

All the Testaments the team had were in Swahili or English.  One testament in Turkish was somehow "mistakenly" put in the supplies and was issued (unwittingly) to a boy... he drew it to the attention of the team and asked for another in Swahili... but then asked to keep the Turkish one.... he had a Turkish father. "My Dad will need this”

The photo below is from a secondary school in Dar Es Salaam. A child came to the principal, Gaudence Mushi and asked him for a Bible. The principal said:”No, what I would like to do is to provide a Bible to every student in the school.   "How would you do that sir?” the boy asked (recognising the challenge of cost and resources). “I don't know.   I will pray about it “Mr Mushi said.  God answered that prayer within a day, in a remarkable way.  One of the teams of the ISB group prayed and looked for further schools and visited this particular school to arrange a presentation of Testaments.  

On the following day there was a moving presentation, with all teachers and students present receiving their Scriptures. The Gideons prayed for the school students and outlined the plan of salvation.  Many responded. 

Praise God!


Scirpture blitz in Jogjakarta, Indonesia


A total of 92,000 Testaments were distributed by an international team of Gideons in Jogjakarta and the surrounding towns during March 2015.  The blitz was originally planned for Jayapura, but due to strict visa requirements for West Papua, the location was changed to Jogjakarta.  The original plan was a blessing, as the local Gideons went ahead and distributed 39,000 Testaments in Jayapura. 

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