Northern Safari

A number of our members have been on a safari making their way from Queensland, through the Northern Territory to WA, where they will eventually end up in Perth. They are distributing Bibles and New Testaments in hotels, hospitals and schools and are witnessing as they go. Here is some of their feedback to date:

“We have experienced some real blessings along the way so far. All placements to date have been welcomed and well received in every community. We have had many witnessing opportunities and encounters that can only be attributed to God's intervention. One of our prayers has been for the arrival of Scriptures in Bamaga as we understood that they had been delayed. However, the barge carrying the Scriptures arrived at the dock as we drove into town!

We had a fantastic day in Bamaga, distributing over 680 Scriptures in total, which is equal to over 25% of the population in the Northern Peninsula Area. There is a real hunger for Scriptures and the local Christians are really appreciative of our contributions in the local communities. All Scriptures taken to the school were accepted by students and staff. None left.
God has opened so many doors and connected us with all the right people at the right time.
On 18 July we distributed over 900 Scriptures on Thursday Island, 400 at the high school. God is good. We were concerned that the Scriptures might not arrive on Thursday Island in time, as things move slowly up here. But once again God provided and the Scriptures were there before we got there

In Kununurra, which has a population of 5,300, we had the privilege to distribute 971 copies of God’s Word”.

Please continue to pray for this initiative.