Breakthru Adelaide

Our next major metropolitan Scripture project will be Breakthru Adelaide in early 2017.

The vision:

Adelaide: flooded with the Word of God, turning to God.
The Church: united in prayer, coming together in one body, fearlessly sharing His Word, and rediscovering the joy of leading others to Christ.

Our aim is to distribute 50,000 copies of God’s Word in the city of churches during one week. How will this be achieved? Through high volume distributions in all the areas where we normally distribute God’s Word, such as universities and colleges, hotels, motels etc.  There will also be a coordinated personal witnessing project in strategic areas.

How can you assist?

Pray to the Lord of the harvest that the seed will fall on fertile ground and that many will come to know him.

Also, you could also recommend the ministry and this special Breakthru Adelaide mission to potential members and friends. Contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.