New Gideon cards are here!


Announcing the arrival of our new Gideon cards!

They have arrived! Our Gideon card range now has a brand new look, and the range has expanded in size.
Gideon cards are beautifully designed, of great quality and are available for free. So, instead of paying for a greeting card, you can send a Gideon card to your friend or loved one and at the same time touch a life for Christ.

Each Gideon card includes a Bible verse and a testimony of someone whose life was transformed by God through the work of the Gideons. 
Gideon Cards have been one of the key ways in which Gideons around the world raise funds for Scriptures. In Australia, they account for 17% of our Scripture funds.
Ultimately, this is about sending an encouraging word in a card to further the distribution of God’s Word to the rest of Australia and the world. The end game is about saving someone’s life. It really is as simple as that.

Get started! Give a card, Send the Word, Save a life.

The new Gideon cards are available from the national office, or you can ask your local Gideon to get you a pack. Each pack includes 10 cards with an assortment of designs from across all categories. If you’re not the card writing sort, why not pass a pack or two to that special family member or friend who never fails to send out a greeting card at every occasion?

How does it work?

Each card contains a donation envelope, addressed to the Gideons national office. Choose any amount you wish to give in tribute to a friend, loved one or occasion and make your donation when you send the card. Every card acknowledges the gift of Bibles.  

There are eight types of Gideon cards available:
• In Sympathy.
• Congratulations.
• Thinking of You.
• Thank You.
• Birthday.
• Generic.
• New Arrival.
• Encouragement.

Don’t forget to tell us which type of replacement card you would like to receive, because we will replace the card you used for free.

If you prefer, we can send a card for you. Simply send us the envelope provided in the pack, email, or fax it as above with your donation and the recipient’s information.

“Like cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a distant land” Proverbs 25:25