Melbourne Blitz II

During a week earlier this year 45,000 copies of God's Word was handed out in Melbourne! Of these 22,000 were given to tertiary students!
 Praise God for his Word that is alive and strong and sharper than a two-egged sword!

Recently, we received the following email from a Melbourne uni student who received a New Testament from one of our members 3 years ago:

"Hi, it has been a long time since I was supposed to write this email.

I lived in Melbourne in 2013, and when I was in a hurry to attend a class in the university a kind man was standing by the gate and asked me "May I offer you a gift?", I only said "Yes" and "Thank you", but I was supposed to have said more.

This is the reason I am writing this email today, to thank that kind man for that amazing gift. The little green Bible he gave me goes with me everywhere and the words in it have supported me in many times of my life since then".