Bible Safaris

Two Safaris recently covered over 13,000km to ensure that travellers to some of the remote parts of Australia have access to Bibles. 

Recently a number Gideon members with RVs spent two weeks travelling over 3,000km in remote parts of Western Queensland to ensure that hotels and motels in that area are stocked with Bibles. In total 2099 Bibles and New Testaments were placed in these remote areas.  We thank the members involved for their dedication to make sure that travellers in the remote parts of our country have access to the Word of God.

Similarly, another group covered approximately 10,000km in five and a half weeks recently to distribute Bibles to remote top end areas. A total of 4,511 Bibles were distributed.  While the number of people who were able to participate in the safari were down on previous years, this year new placement areas that were previously closed to us opened up. Praise the Lord for this!