ISB Ghana

An international Scripture Blitz to Accra and Kumasi in Ghana took place in November 2014. An Australian Gideon had the privileged to participate.  This is his story.

Hat – check; Shoes – check; Camera – check… Yellow fever, Cholera, Malaria meds – check. Now what do you take for Ebola? Prayer – check. The Scripture Blitz in Ghana was a matter of life and death on a spiritual scale. Distributing God’s word and sharing the Good News about Jesus always is. 


On the face of it Ghana is a Christian country – 71% Christian.

So you may ask yourself – Why are the Gideons going there to distribute God’s word? Despite an abundance of natural resources, Ghana is a country where the disparity of wealth is evident. Many of the people we spoke with had never or would never own a book of any sort, let alone a copy of God’s word.

I was mainly involved in school placements in the poorest parts of the cities of Accra and Kumasi. Schools without a single pane of glass and often without secure doors, but where the kids were always immaculately presented in their colourful uniforms. It was our immense privilege to put copies of the New Testament into their hands. A typical distribution started with the kids reciting John 3:16 verbatim. Then it was our blessing to share out the books and direct them to write their names in the front.

We packed 5200 Testaments and Bibles in a borrowed 4WD each day and headed out. At week’s end the 4WD needed some attention, so our last distribution was 120 Testaments to workers in a caryard in the Muslim quarter of Kumasi!

Initially, our target for the blitz was 400,000. By the end of the visit over 554,000 copies had been delivered into the outstretched hands of the people of Ghana.

Please join us in praying for all those who received Scriptures during this and other international Scripture blitzes.