Give through GideonCards

Give a card. Send the Word. Change a life. GideonCards are a practical and useful way in which to donate Bibles through this ministry.

The easiest way to send God’s Word whilst remembering or honouring a friend or family member.

GideonCards can be used to:

  • remember a life,
  • celebrate a success (for example graduation, promotion, dance recital, volunteer work, etc),
  • thank someone for their kindness,
  • just to say “hello”.

The cards themselves are free.

Your support comes in the form of the donation you choose to give. Basically, $5.00 equals one Bible. And you get to send a quality card to your friend or loved one, designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

It’s just that easy!

To donate by using GideonCards, please contact our National Office:

  • Tel02 6286 1566.
  • EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I already have a GideonCard and I wish to donate

Thank you once again for touching a life with a GideonCard. You would have noticed a small, blue and maroon envelope attached to your GideonCard. That envelope enables you to easily send your donation back to the National Office.


  • place your donation in the envelope
  • fill out the form inside
  • stick a stamp on and pop it in the mail.  


Once we receive your donation, we will send you a receipt and another GideonCard to replace the one you have used.