A visit prepared

The Gideons International in Germany has been able to distribute Arabic New Testaments to the influx of refugees coming into their country since 2015.

Recently, this remarkable testimony came to us from Germany:
"We have been visiting and distributing Scriptures in a refugee camp. One day when we knocked on a door in the camp and asked whether we could give them a free gift in the form of the Gospel, we were told that they had been expecting us!

When we asked why they had been expecting us, they told us that the night before, Jesus Christ had sat next to the bed of one of the young Muslim women and had talked to her. He had prepared her for our visit! So, she asked us what she had to do to be with him. She bowed down and tearfully prayed the sinner’s prayer. Many thanks to our Lord Jesus! Yes, Jesus prepares people and often encounters especially Muslims in a special way".

Please pray for the many people who now have access to the Gospel, as they discover the Saviour through reading his word.