All the way from Cambodia and studying at the Australian National University she found a little book on the floor in the student residence.  It changed her life.

The senior adviser to the deputy prime minister of Cambodia found the Gospel on the floor of the ANU's Fenner Hall…

Simara was brought up in the Buddhist culture in Cambodia. She was accepted to study for a Master Degree in International Studies at the ANU, Canberra.

Before she left home, some of her relatives had become Christians. But she was very antagonistic towards Christianity whenever they tried to share with her.
When she arrived in Australia in 1994, she stayed at Fenner Hall, a residential college for university students.

One day, as she was walking along the hallway, she noticed a nice little book on the floor. The book had golden edges on the sides (a Gideons New Testament). The exterior quality of the little book caught her attention. So she picked it up and could not stop reading. At that time she was feeling very stressed with her studies and being away from home. When she finished reading the Gospel of John, she felt a sense of indescribable peace. Later she showed a friend the book. It turned out that the friend is a Christian and told her that the book is part of the Christian Bible. She surrendered her life to Christ that day.

When she completed her studies, Simara returned to Cambodia and worked for the government. Today, she is the senior adviser to the deputy prime minister of Cambodia. She is an elder in her church where she regularly preaches and helps the pastor. Simara was overjoyed to finally meet a real life Gideon in December 2015 when he came to do a presentation in her church. It was a divine appointment!