I want to thank God and the person who gave out the little red Gideon's bible to me at school many years ago. I was in grade eight at the time when Gideon's Bibles were being handed out at the playground, which wasn't warmly received.

There were quite a few kids who were misusing them, ripping out pages, bashing them on each other’s head, but I was intrigued by this mysterious red book as I was never raised in church, no Sunday school, however, I did believe in God.

That afternoon I took the Gideon's Bible to the backyard and began reading Ephesians 6 and suddenly I was overwhelmed by the presence of The Lord, such joy washed over me so |I rushed up stairs to tell my Mum that I found Jesus. My mother was converted at the Billy Graham crusade in the 60's so she understood what I meant, later that month we went to a local church.

 I'm 42 now and have been following Christ ever since. Life has had its ups and downs but my hope still rests in Christ.

Thank You and God Bless,