Stories of Lives Changed

Every day, hundreds of thousands of Bibles and New Testaments are placed by The Gideons in the busy traffic lanes of life all over the world. These Scriptures remain there, waiting to touch the lives of ordinary people who pick them up and read them.  Isaiah 55:11 declares that God’s Word will not return to Him empty, but will accomplish His purposes. Sometimes, the stories of how these Scriptures have changed lives come back to bless us. 

Here, you too can share in the joy of watching their testimonies and reading their stories. 

If your life has been touched by a Gideon-placed Scripture, please tell us about it so we can share in your joy. 

Luke's story

Lives Transformed

Eric Lennistaal

What is the likelihood of a young man from Sweden who described himself as “a proud argumentative atheist, a rather staunch communist and a radical vegan” with a reputation of convincing believers to abandon their faith, becoming a leader in the Salvation Army in Australia?

Only God can transform lives in this way! 

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DaeSop Yoon

 I was an officer in the South Korean army when, one day, I picked up a piece of paper at the army campus near the North Korean border, assuming it was political propaganda flown from North Korea. I read it and two words - “eternal life” - made me think of my own life. I began to feel something I had never felt before. I came to know that my flesh and bones were not my life but only a container that held my life – my eternal life. It was a strong conversion experience. My unquenchable thirst for alcohol disappeared instantly at that conversion moment.

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Ben Ridley

I was born into a Christian family and grew up going to church. When I was an early teenager, I got caught up in the world and stopped going to church. I always had a belief that God existed and struggled over the years between wanting to follow the Lord and live in the world. I joined the Army in 2004 and after some years of service was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012.

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Navneet Chabra

My journey with Christ began with a Gideon placing a New Testament in the hands of my sister. Through the influence of her changed life, and through the power of God’s Word, I became a believer as well. The small New Testament was kept on the shelf for two years but, praise God, His Word never returns to Him empty. God knew the path that would best equip me to eventually lead others-both in the military and in ministry. He is our ultimate leader, and His influence is everlasting. 

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A visit prepared

The Gideons International in Germany has been able to distribute Arabic New Testaments to the influx of refugees coming into their country since 2015.

Recently, this remarkable testimony came to us from Germany:
"We have been visiting and distributing Scriptures in a refugee camp. One day when we knocked on a door in the camp and asked whether we could give them a free gift in the form of the Gospel, we were told that they had been expecting us!

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All the way from Cambodia and studying at the Australian National University she found a little book on the floor in the student residence.  It changed her life.

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"I said God I am going to believe in you and pray to you for a month and you've got a month to show me the goods."

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My story is one of footprints in the sand. As I look back on my life I can see only one set of footprints but I now know it was then that God carried me. Some of what I will share I didn’t actually remember occurring until I was an adult.

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Elizabeth found herself in deep despair. She sat down and wrote three notes to the doctor, the police and the person who would discover her body. 

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Berni was a ‘hardnosed’ business man who ran a successful international IT consulting firm. One day he was staying on the 8th floor of a hotel in Brisbane. He ventured out onto the balcony of his room and wondered whether to jump or not.

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I want to thank God and the person who gave out the little red Gideon's bible to me at school many years ago. I was in grade eight at the time when Gideon's Bibles were being handed out at the playground, which wasn't warmly received.

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